Dehumidifier is essential to comfort

About multiple years ago, I moved from way up north to way down south.

It was a sizable change in scenery, weather as well as lifestyle.

I was accustomed to many distinct seasons, particularly long winters as well as lots of snow. My condo up north was equipped with a furnace that ran for approximately more than 2 straight weeks. There was no reason to invest into central a/c. I managed the short summers with box fans, open windows as well as a window air conditioning in the home office. Being trapped in the condo due to the weather was aggravating. I was ecstatic to transport away from the freezing as well as snow. I was blissful to trade our snow shovel, heavy boots as well as ice scraper for sandals, shorts as well as sunblock. I bought a condo that was outfitted with central cooling as well as no choice for heating. The heat in our new section is so dire that I’m once again forced to remain inside for the majority of the year. I also realized particularly hastily that a/c wasn’t enough to create perfect comfort. The excess humidity made the condo know overheated as well as sticky. Lowering the thermostat didn’t solve the problem. I had condensation running down the windows as well as problems with mold as well as mildew growth. It was hard to sleep at evening. After consulting with an Heating as well as A/C company, I invested into a whole-house dehumidifier. It pulls moisture out of the air as it passes through the air conditioning. The IAQ accessory operates almost silently, runs 24/7 as well as requires only annual service. Because of the dehumidifier, I’ve been able to raise the thermostat setting as well as spend less on our weekly electric bills.



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