Converting from oil to natural gas heating

When the people I was with and I first bought our home, it was equipped with an oil gas furnace.

It was toward the top of our improvement list, however unluckyly some other projects took priority.

The two of us had a leaking roof that was causing a great deal of property disfigure. The new roof was a big expense. The two of us also decided it would be smart to implement some energy saving measures before replacing the gas furnace. Tightening up the beach house allowed us to purchase a smaller furnace at a lower cost. The two of us invested quite a bit of cash into upgrading to Energy Star rated windows plus insulating. It took us over five years to switch from an oil gas furnace to a natural gas gas furnace. Along with the cost of the furnace, the people I was with and I had the expense of conversion. However, the investment was actually worth it. The oil gas furnace required a easily giant plus uncharming tank that sat in our yard. I sad about leaks plus contamination. Plus, I needed to schedule fuel delivery. There was constantly the complication of running out plus ending up with no heat in the middle of a December blizzard; Natural gas is much cleaner, convenient plus environmentally friendly. The two of us have an endless supply. The new gas gas furnace achieves a 98% AFUE rating plus provides ideal comfort no matter how cold the outside conditions. Because the people I was with and I now have access to natural gas, we’ve been able to convert our oven, clothes dryer plus water heater. The two of us are planning to hook up a natural gas barbecue that will eliminate the need to buy propane tanks.

Residential heat and AC

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