Repairs and maintenance for HVAC system

I reported to work as usual, and we received the day’s work.

The senior a/c rep would distribute the busy works to the odd teams and keep adding the works as they progressed, and our motto was to serve our shoppers as soon as they proposed.

We were not always able to achieve it, but we tried our best. The job before supper was at a suburban home. The customer was a senior citizen who was having issues with her cooling product and had also proposed we do something about air purification in her home. The first task of the afternoon was an a/c replacement which took about thirdirds. Every professional in this industry knows that a/c installs can be complex and take longer than other processes, but before chopping into supper, we managed to visit the elderly lady. When she opened the door, I thought she looked familiar, and the whole time we were doing the a/c care with the other a/c workmen, I kept wondering where I had seen her. To improve the air quality, we swapped out her dirty washable filters for disposable a/c filters. She would need to have the filters changed every four weeks to maintain the proper function of her a/c unit. The lady had a wonderful dual fuel system with a SEER rating of 14, for people unable to keep up with the a/c repairs, we usually assign a technician to help schedule the tune-ups and repairs for the proper repair of the quality heating and A/C equipment, but as I spoke to her, I realized she was my kindergarten teacher. She was so proud of what I had become, and I was equally proud of seeing her again. She looked well.

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