My heating and cooling unit stopped working

I can not believe the landscape people I hire were so careless as to split the hose of our central heating and air conditioning plan unit! They were chopping down weeds and were not paying attention and as a result they mistakened the hose of our central heating plus air conditioning plan component for a weed! This caused me some serious problems and made our heating and cooling component fully stop working.

I had to call the heat and cooling system supplier plus have them send out one of their heating and cooling specialists to get a new hose on our central heating plus a/c! And believe me I made sure to charge the landscaping supplier for the heating plus arid air conditioning plan repair that I had to have done! They were so careless.

I will never use that landscaping supplier again. As a matter of fact, I may even begin cleaning up our own property rather than hiring landscapers. After this incident with the central heating plus air conditioning plan hose getting destroyed, I am not sure if I can even trust any of them anymore. It just seems no one is careful around central heating plus a/cs other than the heating and cooling specialists themselves! I had friends who also had problems with landscapers doing something to their heating and air conditioning component out of sheer carelessness. I am no longer willing to take that chance! So I decided no more landscapers for me!


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