Indoor air quality improves with better air filters

If you are looking for a new air filter for your A/C system, you should entirely look into getting a HEPA filter.

  • A lot of people don’t realize the differences in air filters, and that’s entirely okay for most residential homes and smaller businesses.

But if you are someone who lives with a respiratory ailment or maybe a family member of yours has flu symptoms or asthma or other breathing complications, then you may want to look into getting a better air filter for your A/C system! That’s when you may want to look into a HEPA filter for your home’s heating and cooling system, but HEPA filters are much better and more thorough than regular, cheaper air filters, and even though you may end up paying more for a HEPA filter up front, you are not going to regret getting one because the indoor air quality in your home is going to be so much better. I found this out by actually going out and getting a HEPA filter for my own home several years ago, then my dad kept telling me that I should stop buying cheap air filters but I never honestly listened to him until then. The only reason that I ended up getting a HEPA filter at all was because we did some drywall work at home and I wanted to make sure that we were getting all of the drywall dust out of the ventilation system. I bought one and I have never bought a cheap air filter ever again. It turns out that HEPA filters honestly are the best.

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