Feeling comfortable in my new HVAC job

I just joined a current heating and A/C supplier a few weeks ago, before this I was now working for another heating and cooling supplier, then getting eased into a brand new heating and A/C supplier was quite a work! I had to get to guess the new heating and A/C supplier, the heat and air conditioner workers and also just get a general idea for how things were done around this current heating and A/C supplier that I found myself now working for.

However, in a few weeks time everything worked out and I was feeling honestly comfortable in my new job. I have been in the heating and cooling company for over 20 years, so having to change and task for a new heat and air conditioner supplier after so long was something I was not planning on, the previous heating and A/C supplier that I worked for went out of business, plain and simple, so I had no option other than to find a current job at a weird heating and A/C supplier. I am quite excited where I am now at this new and much differently run heating and A/C business. I hope to be able to stay here for the rest of my job as a heating and cooling specialist, as long as they do not go out of company or something doesn’t happen, I plan on being here for the duration! I honestly hope I do not have to change heating and A/C companies again because it is quite an adjustment to make.


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