The hotel suite a/c was less than great

I have a few roommates with little privacy, when I need to study, sometimes I go to a hotel for the night.

There are a couple of motels that will provide you a discount on the rate if you show them a student ID card.

I can stay at the Best Western by the campus for $40 a night. The suites are pretty comfy and the walls are thick. It’s a single of the only locales in the city where you cannot hear the people on the other side of the wall. The sound barrier in this hotel is even better than the sound barrier at our own apartment. I often have to listen to the neighbors arguing or having sex. Either way it’s nothing that I need to listen to when I have to read for an exam. I went to a hotel a few months ago when I had an immense exam for our psychology class. 1 of My roommates had her girlfriend there all weekend and I couldn’t get anything done. I used the last of our savings to rent the room. I turned on the a/c right away. It was easily stuffy in the room and I wanted to be able to chill out. The a/c made a weird sound when I turned it on, cold air started to come out of the air vents, so I didn’t pay attention to the noise until it happened again. This time there was a small puff of dust and smoke that came out of the a/c and then the entire device shut down. Clearly the motel a/c was broken. I had to transfer to a strange room or wait for a maintenance girl to look at the unit.

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