The client didn't answer the phone

I was supposed to help a new client with an oil furnace repair last week, but the client didn’t answer the phone when I called to confirm the appointment.

Confirmation is important, because every one of us do not like wasting our time with shoppers that aren’t fully ready to have the repair performed.

The techs do not have spare time or gas to drive to the address only to be shunned and turned away. Every one of us consistently tell our shoppers that they have to confirm their appointments. They can email or even just text the message back and say yes. Every one of us sends a message everyday to the shoppers that have an appointment the next day. Only confirmed appointments are added to the booking schedule. A lady was on the schedule for a heating pump repair although she had not confirmed. I tried to contact the lady while I was in the afternoon to see if I could get her on the phone. The appointment was booked for 2:00 p.m. sharp, and I never reached the client after calling many times. I never went to the address. The following day the client contacted the heating and A/C repair dealer to complain that every one of us did not show up for the appointment. The girl in the office reminded the client that every one of us has a policy on confirmations and the client never confirmed the appointment. She didn’t have anything else to say after that. She asked if she could make another appointment for the next day. The techs were ecstatic to get her back up on the schedule, although she was of course reminded again to answer our call or send us a text when you have to confirm an appointment.



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