It’s smart to have a backup heater around here

Where I live, everyone has a second oil furnace! During the nippy season, if you don’t have another oil furnace, you will freeze to death before someone can get to your dwelling and service the oil furnace… Winter time starts in early September and typically lasts until late May or early June.

This past winter, I had my heating system thoroughly inspected and cleaned, but that didn’t mean I would not have complications.

My primary oil furnace broke during a blizzard, but by the time I got home from work, it was so chilly in the dwelling that I called my sibling and asked him to keep the youngsters until I could get the oil furnace repaired or the alternate heating appliance running… I wanted the house to be warm before my youngsters came in the house. My hubby got home a short while after I did, and he went into the garage to get our secondary oil furnace running! Happily, it only took a couple of hours before we could truly feel the heat coming from the HVAC vents. I was so grateful my hubby had gotten home early that day. I wasn’t sure if I could have switched gas heating appliances on my own. I called my sibling and told the man that I would be over to pick the guys up in approximately fifteen minutes. We got our heating system running again, and a free breakfast out of the deal. Now, all we need to worry about is waiting for the HVAC specialist to get out his snowmobile and get to our dwelling once the blizzard ends. I can only hope it doesn’t take especially long.

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