Brad came from a social media recommendation

Our new HVAC technician, Brad, came from a social media recommendation.

Whenever we found him, we had just lost our old HVAC technician due to the fact that he had moved away.

We were really sad whenever he moved away, because he had been our HVAC technician for 5 years and we really liked him! We even trusted him to come into the house to do our regular routine HVAC maintenance for us when we weren’t home. He was such a great guy and we were really sad to see him go. I guess his wife was having some health issues and they needed to move out west for the drier air or something like that. Anyway, whenever he moved away, we didn’t know what we were going to do about our heating and cooling system. We searched online for a while but I don’t really trust online reviews all that much. I feel like they can be faked pretty easily. I just wanted to talk to someone who was a real person about their HVAC experience. That’s why I ended up posting online in our community page. I asked if any had some good recommendations for a local HVAC technician and someone recommended Brad. he works for himself and he sets his own pricing and his own hours. I love a good entrepreneur, and once we found out that Brad was a veteran, that clinched it for us. I’m so glad that we found our new HVAC technician through social media. I guess it’s good for something after all.



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