We thought about calling emergency repair services

My son told me that if I ever needed plumbing services, I should call him.

He said if there was any hint that both of us were having a problem with our pipes, our toilet, or anything else that had to do with the water or sewage, we should call him before it became an emergency.

One of the smartest things we ever did was send our son to technical school to become a plumber. He has since graduated plumbing school, and become a certified master plumber. He is also a certified heating as well as A/C professional, whenever we need any help with plumbing or HVAC, he is there to help, but last week, our son was away at school, being recertified for his master plumber’s license, the plumbing broke in the basement, plus both of us did not think how to repair, and my partner said something about needing a star drill, I didn’t think what he was talking about. Our son was to be loft in a morning or more, we didn’t want to lose all the water that was pouring out of the wall. My partner turned the water off, and both of us made do with the water we could put into the tub before turning the water off! We thought about calling an emergency service plumbing service, we knew how high-priced that was, instead of calling for emergency service plumbing services, we made do with a full tub of water for flushing, 6 gallons of spring water for cooking and drinking, and the showers were going to wait until our son got home to do the emergency plumbing service for us.

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