The antique sale has everything I want.

I enjoy using antique furniture.

  • I believe I got our appreciation of antique furniture when I was just a little boy.

My Grandmother Pat had a handmade wooden rocking chair that our Grandpa Dave had built when they got married. She had a horsehair sofa that pricked our little legs plus arms when I sat on it, although I enjoyed it. She also had a wooden tea table that was embossed with leather all around the edges plus glass in the middle. I wasn’t sure if the wooden tea table was antique, although I enjoyed it. Last week, I saw the paper where there was an antique sale not 5 miles from where both of us lived. I kept nattering to our husband Max about wanting to go to the antique sale. After many afternoons of listening to myself and others talk about antiques, Max relented plus told myself and others both of us would go. I had some grand ideas about seeing an antique wooden rocking chair that looked like our Grandmother’s, plus bringing it house with me. I wanted to hunt for an antique tea table that had leather or glass inlay, plus I was going to bring it to the house with me. When both of us got to the antique sale, our husband plus I walked around. Max whispered in our ear that everything seemed to be antique except the pricing. When I saw the wooden rocking chair of our dreams, I had to check the pricing. Not only was the price not antique, however it was so far out of our league. I knew that if the wooden tea table plus wooden rocking chair was going to be so luxurious, there would be nothing I could afford at the antique sale


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