She had it much easier than millions of other people

When it looked like the Covid thing was here to stay, Claire started to get worried.

There had been SARS scare before that sort of didn’t actually pan out the way they thought it would. But Covid wasn’t the same. Once the company sent them home to work from their own air conditioning late that Spring, Claire knew she was in for it. There was just this sense that being stuck inside the central air conditioning of her home was not going to be a short term situation. And she was right. But really, Claire had it so much easier than millions of others who dealt with far worse. Sure, she had to figure out how to live inside the Heating and A/C of her home together and spend less. But, Claire didn’t lose her job or anything like that. Still, she noted immediately that finding a space for herself was imperative. With the boys schooling remotely and her husband and her sharing the same office, Claire was in need of some privacy. She loves her family but Claire also needs some quiet time for herself as well. Yet, there just wasn’t an unclaimed space that Claire could sort of slide into for some quiet. That’s when she decided to reclaim the garage. It had become such a dumping ground for junk that they couldn’t even put even a single car in there. So Claire cleaned it out and organized that space officially. Then, she contacted the Heating and A/C business and had them add a ductless heat pump on the exterior wall of the garage. Claire is still using the air conditioning in the garage as her private location.


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