Looking for someone to do the manual labor

I used to work totally on my laptop for an internet marketing business. I got into purchasing homes for sale plus rental properties because a buddy of mine did it. He started making some extreme currency with real estate. I realized I had the time and the currency to buy a rental, then one rental property quickly became 5, then residential homes for sale quickly turned into me looking into commercial real estate. After I hired a property manager, things honestly took off, and now I just find more properties to buy plus flip, or rent out. I have quite a bit of currency piling in. It is taxing managing all the other people involved though. My property manager handles the tenants plus their complaints. But if a general manager, handyman, plumber or gas furnace services are needed, I want to find a professional. I so far have sourced an electric, plumber plus Heating plus A/C worker that I like. Finding a general handyman repair isn’t easy though. Where is the guy that installs up-to-date windows, puts in a floor or will redo the back deck on our duplex? Right now I am having no such luck. My property management business has hired a few different general suppliers plus I haven’t been happy with them. I need to look for cabin repair services that are rated highly. I don’t mind hiring a team or just 1 man. I need someone who has skills, knowledge and does a fair rate plus will actually show up. That is a rare find though. Not most people have the expertise or hope to work right now.


Air conditioning repair

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