It will end soon

The air quality here is always pretty bad in the Summer months of the year, and with summer coming to an end soon, the air quality will improve, and it will make it so that I do not have to use my whole home air purification idea for some months which will be a good thing, and because running the whole home air purification unit cost money and energy on top of having to run our central heating and air conditioner idea with it.

I will actually be able to open up the windows and take in natural good air quality in about a month or so.

Because the air quality will go from entirely awful to great, then that is the odd thing about the part of the country that I live in. You have entirely awful air quality when it is hot, and when it is cool the air quality gets entirely nice. Almost like a natural whole beach house air cleaner. It is different how the world works occasionally, but especially when it comes to weather conditions and air quality. I am entirely looking forward to the awful air quality becoming good air quality and also to not having to use my central heating and air conditioner unit much for a few months because the temperatures will also be perfect out there. I do not know why or how it goes from one drastic to the next. But that is just the way it is where I live in this part of the country. Regardless, I am looking forward to the good air quality!

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