I’ll make the effort

I recently was reading several things about heating and air conditioning systems online.

And one article I came across was talking about people should make an effort to change the air filter of their central heating and cooling units at least once a month.

This is supposed to bring better air quality in your home as well as extend the life of your central heating and air conditioning system itself an extra few years. This was all news to me. And who knows, it is the internet after all and you can not believe everything you read on the internet and various websites. Especially when you are clicking many clickable live links to get there. But it does sort of make sense to me from a common sense level. So I decided that I am going to make the extra effort to start changing the air filter of my central heating and air conditioning system at least once a month. It wouldn’t hurt anything if the article I read was a bunch of bull. The only thing would be that I would spend more on air filters in the course of a year. But then again, I could always buy some washable air filters for my central heating and air conditioning system. And by buying the washable air filters this will save me a lot of money all together when I am trying this method out. I will report back at a later date with my findings if this is really the way or if it was all just internet fables all together.



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