Our local car dealer used a modular office.

I had never lived in a big town to see how small car dealers worked, but I knew how they worked in our area.

Our local car dealer used a modular office to do all of his business… It was cozy, but sometimes it was too cozy! When mom and dad took myself and others for my first car; they both wanted to be in the car dealer’s office with me; By the time all of us got into the modular office, it was getting so hot and tight that I was having a difficult time breathing.

I was claustrophobic, and this was my parent’s first hint about how exhausting it entirely was, but mom was in a panic when I could not breathe, and dad told her to take myself and others outside and he would finish the paperwork. I felt horrible and embarrassed to guess I had a panic attack because of the size of the car dealer’s modular office, however like I said; it was undoubtedly cozy, but his modular office was not big enough to have several people in it. I finally caught my breath and the chest pain was gone. Mom walked myself and others back inside and took my brother and sibling out to the car and sat there with them until my car was officially mine, and although the kids weren’t delighted, dad was ecstatic. I was feeling better and all of us could finish the paperwork in less than 5 minutes. I shook hands with the car dealer and walked out of his modular office the owner of a car. I could not wait to get outside so I could my dad and tell him how much I appreciated and loved him.



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