I completed my agreement

I had a heat plus a/c repair plan with my local heating plus A/C supplier for the past year.

I absolutely did not benefit from it at all plus know as if I wasted numerous hundred dollars.

So it is nearly time to renew the heating plus A/C repair plan, which I will not be doing. I have completed my a single year lock in agreement that I made with the heating plus A/C supplier to get the heat plus a/c repair plan for the price that I did. So I can now cancel at anytime plus not be charged any penalty fee as I would have if I decided to back out of it before the whole year was up. I am sure I am going to get a bunch of sales rebuttals from the heating plus A/C supplier to try to get myself and others to stick on the heat plus a/c repair plan plus renew it. But I am going to stick to my guns on this a single. Because I did not use much of any of the services I was paying for. I only absolutely had my ductwork cleaned a single time plus 2 heating plus cooling system tune up plus check ups. This was not worth the price I was paying even at a discount! If I need general heating plus work I will just call the heating plus cooling supplier as per normal plus pay as I need particular heating plus A/C lake home services.

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