The A/C technician warned me to stop running the A/C

It is bad enough to have your air conditioning system break down, and be forced to change your plans to include a HVAC specialist coming over to fix your cooling system.

As well as dealing without heating and cooling for those few hours or days, it is even worse when the same HVAC technician lectures you on your use of HVAC machines. That is exactly what had happened too. My air conditioner broke down when it was still really hot outside, and I didn’t have any choice but to call a heating and cooling professional to come out and fix it. When the heating and cooling worker came out and examined it, he told me it was because I was overworking the A/C system. It was true in the aspect I did use the cooling unit almost all day, but I didn’t think it mattered too much. The heating technician however, strongly disagreed, and basically went on a mini rant as to why what I was doing was going to kill the HVAC machine early. I didn’t need to have someone lecture me, but at the same time I could understand why he was doing it, it was probably because he was trying to help me save a costly HVAC repair bill in the future. After the heating and A/C device was finally repaired, I made sure to give it a break for once, and only use the system for a few hours per day. This way I won’t have to worry about the system breaking down any time soon.
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