It was too hot for gardening

Anyone that knows me knows that I am an avid gardener.

And as someone who takes care of all of the native plants, it can be really difficult to keep them alive sometimes.

Weeds are my greatest enemy, and they sprout incredibly fast. I am always spending time outside plucking away the weeds, using fertilizer and watering all of the native plants. Anyways, it has been getting harder and harder to do all of that with the heat increasing. As we get further into summer, it seems like the temperatures just keep going up and up! Even when I think it can’t get any higher, it somehow does. These last few days, all I have been doing is watering the plants, because it is too hot to do anything else. I have even been tempted to turn the hose on myself because it’s so hot. There is no way I can let all of my hard work go to waste, so I am thinking about hiring someone to take care of the garden for me until summer is over. That way I can rest assured my garden is still getting taken care of, but I get to stay in my nice air conditioned home. My central A/C device has been doing a great job keeping my home’s environment nice and cool. I am actually having a cooling specialist coming over in the next few days for basic HVAC equipment maintenance. I just want to make sure my A/C is going to be working really well for the rest of the summer, because I really need it.

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