Central cooling for apartments is important

If there is something I have learned from living in different apartments, it’s that central cooling in apartments is very important.

A lot of apartments don’t have central HVAC, unless they are the most expensive kind.

My first apartment I moved into was nicer, and because of that, they had a central HVAC system. I thought that all apartments were like this, and I used to think that apartment heating and cooling was not as bad as people made it out to be. However, I eventually moved out of those apartments into a slightly bigger apartment, but there was one big drawback. This apartment only had window air conditioning, not central A/C like I was used to. I quickly discovered what other people were complaining about when they said that cooling in apartments is usually not the greatest. I would almost bet those people had the same kind of heating and A/C that I did, which was any kind of window A/C or even wall mounted air conditioners. Those systems are known for being pretty much useless, because they can’t cool anything that is not 3 feet in front of them. I had to learn this the hard way, and I already missed the central air conditioner that I used to have. I only stayed in those apartments for a year, and then I immediately moved out to find another apartment that actually had central air conditioning. If you plan on moving in an apartment, make sure to find one with central heating and A/C.

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