My child recently became a certified Heating and Air Conditioning specialist

I am so proud of our son! My child just graduated from Heating and Air Conditioning school, and is officially a certified heating and air conditioning system specialist.

I remember when he was much younger, he told me that he was interested in becoming a heating and cooling specialist, just like his Momdy was.

I wasn’t sure if he would continue wanting to be a Heating and Air Conditioning worker as he grew older, however his passion for Heating and Air Conditioning continued just like his father. By the time he was a teen, however he had no formal training, he could already do Heating and Air Conditioning tune ups and air conditioning system service as well. He was incredibly skilled and I was impressed. Thanks to him, the people I was with and I almost never had any kind of heating or a/c complications. Then when it was time, our child went away to Heating and Air Conditioning school and graduated at the top of his class. It didn’t take long for a local air conditioning system supplier to notice his talent as well, because he was hired only a week after graduation, however just today, he called me and told me how much he enjoyed his job, and how it is perfect for him. This made me incredibly cheerful, because you don’t hear honestly many people say they love their job, so I am just cheerful our child found something that is right for him. My child being the sweetheart that he is, also regularly offers to do anything kind of Heating and Air Conditioning labor for me as well, despite the fact that I didn’t ask for any. He has grown to be such a kind gentleman.


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