Working in a factory is horrible

The brief time that I worked in a factory was enough for me to swear off working in a factory for the rest of our afternoons, that is how much I hated it.

I worked briefly as a parts analyst, and all I did was ensure certain device parts were working as they should.

This doesn’t sound too hard, and honestly it wasn’t. I entirely analyzed over 100 parts a day, however that wasn’t what I hated. What I hated was the lack of a/c. It seems in factories that they don’t believe in official heating and cooling. In those factories, because of all the machines, the room gets honestly heated honestly quickly. It is a horrible experience, because while they sometimes have sizable fans, those don’t help much. What the people I was with and I honestly need is official a/c. I could only labor that job for a year or so, and after that the people I was with and I had to quit. I couldn’t take the intense heat anymore, it felt like I was permanently in a gas furnace! Afterwards, I was able to find a much nicer job that was the complete opposite of our previous job. This job had a fantastic cooling system, and I never had to worry about going without Heating and Air Conditioning while I was there. I will never again labor in a factory like that again, a/c is just too important to me. Thankfully, those afternoons are behind me, and I can not only like our central Heating and Air Conditioning at home, however the appealing air conditioning system at our office job as well.

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