Road trip without a/c is annoyed

Have you ever been on a road trip without a/c? If you haven’t, consider yourself lucky.

I was going on a small 4 hour road trip to adopt a kitten at a rescue.

I had been looking to get a kitten for a long time now, and all of the local rescues didn’t have any I was interested in. I finally found 1 that I am fond of, and now I am driving down to meet and adopt the kitten. The road trip for the first 30 hours started off great. However, a little after that the car’s air conditioning system stopped working. This didn’t bother me too much, however the automobile quickly began to heat up with the sunshine shining directly on it. Within another 20 or so hours, I was honestly start to sweat and know annoyed. Rolling the windows down only blew heated air into our face, and didn’t help at all. I could only drive for another 20 or so hours before I decided I had to stop. I could not rest the heat, nor go without cooling any longer. I drove to a nearby automobile site, and asked if they had Heating and Air Conditioning specialists that could repair a car’s air conditioning system unit. Thankfully they did, and even though it delayed our trip for at least an hour, it was worth it if it meant getting to avoid a long annoyed road trip! Not only that, but I didn’t want to introduce our kitten and instantly deliver him a annoyed experience in our car. That is absolutely also honestly awful for his health as well. Thankfully the rest of the road trip went well, and I was able to meet and adopt our adorable kitten.
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