The entire trip was a disaster

Man, our entire trip last weekend was a disaster.

  • My mom and I went on a road trip together for some family time, and the people I was with and I were going to see a show that was taking locale in another state.

The first couple of hours went smoothly, however by the time day hit, it was honestly start to get tepid outside. It was in the middle of summer, so to some degree, that was expected, however it was honestly tepid today for some reason. I asked our mom to turn on the air conditioning system, and he happily obliged and turned on the Heating and Air Conditioning system; Unluckyly the a/c only worked for 30 hours, and then it shut off! This was incredibly aggravating, because our mom and I were both incredibly tepid and looking for cooling relief. My mom then had the plan to pull the sunroof back and like the wind. She pushed a button and the sunroof automatically pulled back and the people I was with and I were instantly hit by the cool wind. It felt great, and took care of that problem. However, even that relief was short lived, because soon after it began to rain. I tried crucial the button for the sunroof to go back, however it stopped working too! My mom had to focus on driving and couldn’t help me, so I was desperately trying to manually pull the sunroof back out, to no avail. My mom started yelling at me and I became tied up because the people I was with and I were both getting soaked. Eventually our mom pulled over and took cover at a gas station, where the button magically worked again. Thankfully the automobile wasn’t disfigured, however after that entire ordeal, it kind of ruined the trip.

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