I was glad to return to the office

I know this will be an unpopular opinion, but I was quite glad to leave our dining room and return to our official labor office, then the reason is because it is just too chaotic back at our home, and with our absurd new energetic puppy, as well as our two kids also going absurd in the background, I could barely focus! I knew as soon as our previous boss told me that the people I was with and I were going to be working from home, I was in trouble, but I still tried it just in case.

As I feared, it was just too strenuous to focus, and I was barely able to get anything done… So I ended up getting another job that still did labor in the office, and I honestly much missed it. The office I got is a pretty nice 1, but even though it is small, it has a couple of things I honestly like; One of the things is a nice window, which makes me know more at ease when I can see the outdoors and pretty nature scenery. The hour though in identifiable is good because neither our previous office nor our dining room had this. This office had zoned heating and cooling, but i had never seen an office that gave zoned Heating and Air Conditioning for their employees. This was a perfect solution! No more complaints or fights about the hot and cold temperatures among coworkers, all the people can choose their own temperature based on their preferences, it was perfect and I am so glad I got this job now, because I could never afford zoned air conditioning system at our site!


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