Mortgage insurance comes with renter and good heating and cooling unit

I’m glad that we have been able to get through the worst of the pandemic and still keep our home.

That’s a big win as far as I’m concerned.

There was a time there that keeping our house was not a sure thing. At the beginning of the pandemic, my husband and I both got sent home from the zone controlled HVAC of our respective offices. Initially, I thought we might be out a month or two. But surely, once the heat and humidity of summer came, the virus would be on the ropes. Well obviously, that didn’t happen at all. We didn’t end up back in that zone controlled HVAC for more than a year later. That first summer of the pandemic was really tough. Not only were we cooped up inside the HVAC cooling of the house trying to work from home. We were both dealing with big pay cuts. The fact was that we were making more than 40 percent less. And that meant that we were barely able to pay our bills. Perhaps we overspent on our home. But we loved it and wanted to live here in the worst way. So we decided that we’d do what we had to do to keep our home. Finishing off the basement and adding a ductless heat pump would help. This would then be suitable for a great apartment for a renter. And it would mean having some mortgage insurance for us. We did just that and were so impressed by the quality heating and air that comes with the ductless heat pump.

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