A special kind of personal trainer

I remember the accident like it was yesterday.

I was working on my roof, trying to tear up some damaged shingles, when I slipped and fell.

I can recall how fast the ground came up to meet me, and although I don’t remember the impact I do remember laying in the grass looking up at the clouds. I had badly damaged my spine, and would spend the next six months in the hospital, but I never forgot the way those clouds looked that day! Long before I was released I started seeing a personal trainer to work with me on physical therapy. Before I could learn to walk again I needed a regular workout program to keep my muscles from starting to atrophy. My personal trainer is named Jen, and several years ago she lost her right leg in a train wreck. Jen likes to work with people like me, who have come back from an injury, which makes her a very unique personal trainer! Some people go to the gym to lose a few pounds, or to tighten up their tummies, but people like Jen and I needed the gym as a resource for recovery. Working out is therapy, working out is physical therapy, working out is a way to take back control of my life! Jen has me so amped up about getting back to full strength that I got to the gym four days a week now! I would go five days a week, but Jen says I can’t push too hard too fast or it will be counterproductive.

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