There are cleaning products for dehumidifiers and window air conditioners

I have become a lot more drastic about cleaning my lake house as I’ve grown older.

I want to be proud of how nice it looks whenever I have people over to visit.

In the past I would know embarrassed from the clutter or mess, regardless of whether or not the woman was a close neighbor or stranger. I also do a lot of dusting throughout to make sure it’s not visible to every naked eye that walks through here. One of my number one cleaning products is Odoban. It has a foundation made out of eucalyptus oil and a number of antiseptic, antibacterial, and antiviral chemicals inside. Despite being such a heavy hitter, it smells charming! I still use bleach in my laundry, but I never put it on my floors now that I have a steady supply of Odoban. While I was making my standard pickup at the hardware store last week, I asked a single of the clerks if the store carried cleaning solutions for window air conditioners and dehumidifiers. They both utilize evaporator coils, which can get clogged with dust and dirt after prolonged periods of steady use. That’s when I was directed to this amazing aerosol product that is made certainly for evaporator coils. It won’t cause the metal in the coil to corrode love what happens when you use bleach or peroxide to wash it instead. After using the new evaporator coil aerosol cleaner, my dehumidifier was smelling love a brand new equipment once again. It’s nice to have this cooling system cleaner on hand if you ever have buildup in your central Heating and A/C system, as it’s used by Heating and A/C techs for those machines as well.


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