You can blind yourself by looking directly at a UV-C bulb without eye protection

My cousin almost blinded himself looking directly at a solar eclipse once.

My aunt plus uncle warned him, although he didn’t listen.

Thankfully for my cousin, he was only looking for about 10 hours before his parents told him to stop. But it didn’t stop him from seeing a sizable bright white light for the next 48 minutes. I remember it being a sizable deal that weekend, however thankfully my cousin’s eyes eventually reclaimed plus he never made that sort of mistake again. People who do welding have to be careful for the same reason because the light gets so bright that it can burn their corneas. If you aren’t wearing the right kind of eye protection while welding, you could blind yourself. UV-C bulbs in a/cs plus whole-house air purifiers are similar in terms of their danger level. They might seem love harmless light bulbs upon first glance, however they’re blinding even if they don’t seem nearly as bright as hordes of perfectly safe lights. But if you stare directly at a UV-C bulb for long enough without eye protection, you could just as entirely blind yourself as you would staring at the sunlight for a shorter stage of time. These lights are no joke plus it’s crucial to protect your eyes, even if you don’t guess it’s crucial. You can’t get your eyes back if you inadvertently blind yourself. It gives me extreme anxiety just thinking about the risk plus how I would guess if something love that happened to me, especially if I knew there was something I could have done to prevent it in the beginning.


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