Strategy set for summer time of low cost air conditioning

I opened the door and walked to the mailbox the other morning.

This is something that I generally do the legitimately first thing after I put on our robe.

And on that morning, I was already dripping with sweat by the time I got back to our front door. The Heating plus A/C cooling season is once again upon us and that’s just the way it is. It’s not as though I dread the summer. But in this region, it’s by far our most extravagant Heating plus A/C season by far. The Wintertide hardly even registers on the Heating plus A/C cost scale. The heat pump just doesn’t come on all that much so the heating costs around here are negligible. Fall and Springtime aren’t too bad either. In the fall, we’re coming out of the heat season so both of us need far less Heating plus A/C cooling with that change. And both of us try not to go to deep with the air conditioning in Springtime so both of us can acweather conditions to the heat again. Still, the summer time is not manageable without Heating plus A/C cooling and plenty of it. To that end, I follow a tried and tploy air conditioning strategy that starts with the air conditioning tune-up in the Springtime. From there, I make sure the home stays legitimately tight. That means new weather stripping if necessary and making sure all gaps and cracks are sealed on the exterior. I make sure there is no direct sunlight heating by pulling drapes in that section of the house. Finally, I program the control component so it’s never more than 15 degrees cooler than the outside air during the peak heating hours of the morning.



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