We have a pretty good cleaning service that takes care of the law office

I work in a relatively busy law office! We don’t even have a ton of time to spend on cleaning, so there is a maid service and housekeeper that visits the office once every single week.

When the housekeeper visits the office, he or she takes care of a number of basic cleaning chores.

Each month the office carpets are vacuumed and the floors are swept and scrubbed. Once a week, the floors are waxed, the cleaning service definitely is responsible for cleaning the windows. There are honestly a hundred or more windows found around the building. The cleaning service has the required tools to help them reach the high parts of the windows. The cleaning service works to dust all of the surfaces in the office building. Dusting isn’t something I even enjoy doing in my own residence and I really don’t want to keep up with that chore at work. The cleaning service genuinely makes it easier for everyone in the office to focus on important cases and purchasers. The cleaning service always comes to the office on Thursdays, unless that day is a holiday and then they repair the building on Fridays. This month was a holiday on Thursday and the cleaning service is set to come soon. The windows in our office are not looking so great. There are tiny little water marks all over the window from the dew we deal with in the morning. I would wash the windows on my own, but I don’t have the tools that will help to complete the work respectfully. I suppose it is best to leave the work to the cleaning professionals.

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