I’m pretty satisfied with the cleaning service we use

The windows in our office are starting to look pretty bad

I actually work in an entirely busy law office. The people I was with and I do not have a ton of time to spend on cleaning, so there is a maid service we use as well as a housekeeper that visits the office one time per week. When the housekeeper comes to the office, they are responsible for a number of basic cleaning chores. Each month the office carpets are vacuumed as well as the floors are swept as well as scrubbed thoroughly. Once a week, the floors are waxed. The cleaning service also takes care of cleaning all of the windows. There are honestly a hundred or more windows throughout the building. The cleaning service easily has special tools to help them reach the tallest areas of the windows. The cleaning service workers to dust all of the surfaces in the office building, however dusting is unquestionably one of my least preferred chores… I do not enjoy dusting at home as well as I absolutely do not have the desire to keep up with that chore at my workplace. The cleaning service definitely makes it easier for most people in the office to focus on cases as well as clients. The cleaning service easily comes to the office on Mondays, unless Monday is a holiday as well as then they work on the building on Wednesdays. This month was a holiday Monday as well as the cleaning service will be coming soon. The windows in our office are starting to look pretty bad. There are tiny little water spots all over the window from the dew in the morning. I would honestly clean the windows on our own, however I do not have the required tools to complete the job properly. I know it is best to leave the work to the professionals.


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