We sent our dad off to a hotel

We sent our dad off to a hotel last weekend so that we could let the HVAC technicians into his house.

See, we had been planning a big birthday surprise for my dad’s birthday and he didn’t know anything at all about it.

We knew that we wanted to get him a special surprise for his birthday because it was a big birthday! That’s why my siblings and I decided that we were going to get him the present that he had been hinting about to us for the last six months. He told us several different times that he needed to get a new HVAC system for his house, but that he didn’t have the money for it right then. That’s why my brothers and I decided that we were going to save up and pitch in to get our dad a completely new HVAC system for his birthday this year. We wanted it to be a surprise, though, and that’s how we ended up sending him to a hotel for the weekend. The HVAC company that we hired knew all about the surprise, and they were very accommodating about the whole thing. They never called him at all and they didn’t show up early or anything like that because they knew that they were supposed to be under the radar. After my dad left for the hotel, the HVAC truck pulled up and they got started. They did an amazing job at disposing of his old HVAC system and installing the new one. They even installed a new thermostat for him as well.


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