Outdoor sporting events

I am not a big fan of going to outdoor porting events.

Especially in the summer time months of the year.

I will just sit at home and take in a baseball game on TV rather than go to a stadium or open field to watch a game. The reason for this is because I really can not stand warm weather. I always need to be in quality air conditioning that time of year. In the winter time i’m not too much different. I will always want to be indoors with the most quality heating around. But in the fall months of the year is about the only time you would catch me going to an outdoor sporting event. That seems to be the only time of the year in my area where you do not need heating or air conditioning all the time. You can actually go without heating or air conditioning on some days in the fall months of the year, which are not too long. Fall here is only from September to about mid October. Then it starts to get really cold and I want nothing but to be around quality heating as much as I can be. In the summer time months of the year they start a bit earlier than other places here. We can start with the really hot weather as early as April. And again, I will want nothing but to be indoors with the most upscale and high quality air conditioning possible. I have no desire to be at an outdoor sporting event feeling uncomfortable and hot! So that is my feeling on outdoor sporting events.


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