My wife wanted heated floors

When we were building our home, my wife had strong opinions on everything that we did.

There were certain features that she wasn’t going to budge on, no matter what the cost.

For example, she insisted that we invest in the yard, as well as the house itself. She wanted a stone patio with a pizza oven and a hot tub. Don’t get me wrong, the way she designed the backyard was amazing! However, it just was not cheap. She had a similar thought process when making all of her decisions about the house. One thing she was insistent on was that we have radiant heated floors on the main level of the home. I told her that given the harsh winters we experience in our climate, we will need a central heating system that is more powerful than the heated floors. She told me that the heated floors would be the perfect supplemental heater. While I can see her point, it’s an awfully expensive supplemental heater. Obviously, what my wife says goes, so we got the heated floors. Now that we have them, I am glad we got them. They provide a nice, even heating in the main level of the house. There is never a draft, and they always make the house feel warm and cozy. In fact, we use the heated floors throughout the entire winter.

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