Later this summer, we are putting on an addition

Later on this summer, we are going to be putting on an addition to the house.

  • We have already hired someone to do the framing and most of the work on it but now we are looking for an HVAC contractor who can do the heating and cooling stuff for us.

The heating and cooling part of the addition has actually been the part that we are the most worried about. We are afraid that we just won’t get it right and then we will end up with a new great room that has terrible air quality. That’s the last thing that we want to have happen because we really want to start spending a lot of family time in the new addition. Honestly, that’s the whole reason we started putting on this edition in the first place.We have a really good family, and our current living room just can’t accommodate all of us at once. That’s why we started planning to put on a huge great room where we can host family parties and Christmases and things like that. That means that we really want the indoor air quality in the great room to be even better than the air quality in the rest of the house. We have to get an HVAC contractor who is able to tie in our existing HVAC system to the great room orbe willing to install a whole new one just for that part of the house. We really aren’t sure which way to go with that whole thing, but hopefully the HVAC contractor will be able to tell us what to do.

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