The ferry ride

I have not been on many ferry boat rides in our life.

But back when I was a child I can remember going on this one across the ocean to the other side of the shore while staying at our Grandfatherrent’s summer time home.

From what I remember it was a sizzling summer time afternoon & the air conditioning that they had on the ferry was beautiful! I had never at that point in time experienced air conditioning adore that before. It was more powerful than the window air conditioning units both of us had at home. Back then only if you were rich you could afford central air conditioning in a residential home. This ferry boat had central air conditioning. That was what made it so great. The central air conditioning on the ferry was actually cool & when you mixed it with the hot ocean breeze you got some genuinely good air quality as well. I do not assume what riding on a ferry boat is adore this month as I live in a section of the country that doesn’t have an ocean or anything adore that. But I can only imagine that this month with the heating, ventilation, & A/C technology that both of us have, the ferry boats are really even better than what I remember almost 40 years ago when I was a kid. If I thought that was good indoor comfort I can only imagine what it is adore this week. Maybe some time I will get to ride on a ferry boat again & see for myself. It is a genuinely good memory.

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