Using our work bonus for AC

I work in sales, so there are all kinds of competitions to win bonuses plus other prizes in the office.

The people I was with and I have biweekly competitions in which you can win money prizes plus more, but recently, I won our biweekly competition plus was given a money prize.

I knew just what to do with the prize, then my fiance plus I have been complaining about the low quality of our a/c, however both of us haven’t had the money to do much about it. I knew that both of us were having some kind of issue with the HVAC duct. Not to mention, the a/c was undoubtedly old plus not functioning well. I used the money from our bonus to pay for the Heating plus Air Conditioning services both of us needed. The people I was with and I got the leaky HVAC duct fixed plus had a brand current central a/c installed. The Heating plus Air Conditioning contractor both of us worked with was severely helpful plus got the work done hastily. They gave us a clear plan plus outline of what it was going to cost us… Everything went smoothly plus the Heating plus Air Conditioning professionals clearly did good work. The current a/c has been simply amazing plus it’s just in time for summer. The people I was with and I also are way more efficient now that there is no leaking from the duct work. This was a good way to spend our work bonus.

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