My friend’s HVAC ducts are full of dog hair

My friend’s HVAC ducts are completely full of dog hair. I was undoubtedly shocked plus appalled when I was over at her home the other afternoon. I had not been over there in quite awhile, plus I did not realize just how much she was getting in over her head with all of the cats that she has right now. She recently just got her 4th cat, plus she undoubtedly prefers creatures. I am all about creatures, even though I also guess that you have to keep your home clean or you will end up having respiratory troubles. I guess this is the point that she is at now. When I went over to her house, she was getting ready to leave to go to an appointment at an dust sensitivity medical professional. But once I saw her house, I thought that maybe she should be going to see an Heating plus Air Conditioning professional instead of an dust sensitivity medical professional. I guess what undoubtedly needs to happen in our home is that she needs to get her HVAC ducts professionally cleaned out.The vents are completely full of dog hair plus it’s undoubtedly disgusting to see, but you could legitimately see some dog hair floating around in the air whenever the a/c kicked on while I was there! That is entirely not a good sign of good air quality. I guess that if she got the HVAC duct professionally cleaned out plus changed the air vents more often, the air quality in our home would be a lot better. I might have to make a suggestion to her.

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