Writing a jingle

I am a songwriter and music producer… I get hired to do a lot of things in music, but the last gig I had was an interesting 1.

  • I was hired to write a commercial jingle for a local heating and a/c corporation.

I had never had anything appreciate this before. I had written commercial jingles, but never for a heating and a/c corporation; So this was going to be quite a challenge simply because I knew nothing about heating and cooling! But I needed the task and the money so I took it, and what I ended up doing was taking to the internet to find out more information about heating and a/c. I wanted to see particular things about how heat and a/c maintenance worked, how heating and a/c component upgrades were, control units, etc. After doing all this research to find out more about heating and a/c I was able to write the jingle to their commercial. They were unquestionably ecstatic with it and gave the red light to go and have it recorded. The commercial will begin airing on sound dock and cable sometime in the next few weeks. If they only knew that I had to do all that research to find out more information about heating and a/c they may not have been as ecstatic with our work. Simply because they would have known that I did not guess a thing about heating and a/c units or the heat and a/c maintenance and upgrade business!


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