Writing a jingle

I am a songwriter & tunes producer! I get hired to do a lot of things in tunes.

The last gig I had was an interesting one.

I was hired to write a commercial jingle for a local heating, ventilation, & A/C business. I had never had anything adore this before. I had written commercial jingles, however never for a heating, ventilation, & A/C business! So this was going to be quite a challenge simply because I knew nothing about heating & cooling! But I needed the task & the money so I took it, what I ended up doing was taking to the internet to find out more information about heating, ventilation, & A/C. I wanted to see particular things about how heat & repair worked, how heating, ventilation, & A/C system installations were, control units, etc. After doing all this research to find out more about heating, ventilation, & A/C I was able to write the jingle to their commercial. They were actually enthusiastic with it & gave the green light to go & have it recorded. The commercial will begin airing on stereo & TV sometime in the next few months. If they only knew that I had to do all that research to find out more information about heating, ventilation, & A/C they may not have been as enthusiastic with our work. Simply because they would have known that I did not assume a thing about heating, ventilation, & A/C systems or the heat & repair & installation business!



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