Remodeling my attic

In my home, there is an attic space up on the tenth floor.

The attic has primarily been used for storage, plus it was unfinished, however, this last year, I made it my project to renovate plus remodel the attic to turn it into a guy cave, then i painted all the walls plus installed hardwood flooring. I installed modern lighting plus a sound system. Then, I picked out all modern furniture plus wall art. The only thing I had left to figure out was the heating plus cooling situation. The HVAC system in our home did not reach all the way up to the attic. Since it is the top floor of the house, it gets especially tepid in the summertime, for , I decided to go with a ductless mini split. I didn’t want to deal with the replacement of a window unit or a portable unit. I would have to figure out where to store it plus I’d regularly have to lug it up plus down the stairs when it came time to take it out for the season! A ductless mini cut is efficient plus it’s mounted right on the wall. It can be turned on plus off as needed. For the heating, I decided to install electric baseboard heaters. The furnaces are controlled with a light switch plus take up minimal space. I just turn them on plus off as needed, since both of us don’t need to worry about heating the room 24/7, then now, my guy cave is finally complete!

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