The straight-forwardr times

I surely miss the more straight-forwardr times when technology wasn’t as high tech & confusing as it is this week.

With me being older I am not one to understand this week’s technology actually well.

Especially when it comes to heating, ventilation, & A/C technology. I can remember growing up when mostly all the people had window air conditioning systems for their cooling. And when it broke down it did not cost hundreds of dollars to fix! You did not even have to call a heat & business to send out a certified heating, ventilation, & A/C specialist to service your a/c. You really would take it out of the window & bring it to one of those electric repair shops. Most of them dealt in TV, radio & stereo repair as well. This was your heating, ventilation, & A/C repair specialist back when I was young. And it maybe cost no more than 72 or 90 bucks to get that window air conditioning component back up & running again compared to the many hundred it would take to get a central heating, ventilation, & A/C system component back up & running this month after a breakdown. Like I said, I genuinely miss the straight-forwardr times of life. I don’t assume why technology seems to make things more complicated however at the same time provides a benefit that makes the old ways seasoned & the modern ways preferred. But regardless, I would personally take the old heating, ventilation, & A/C technology back any afternoon over the complex heating, ventilation, & A/C technology of this week.

Hybrid heating

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