There was drama over the heating system

Finally I broke down and called a home meeting

College was one of the most fun times of my life. I loved all of my classes, and lived in a 3 bedroom 3 bath house. with 5 other people, and this meant that everyone had a roommate, which was ok for the most part, except for when adult women acted pettily, which did happen relatively often, my roommate and I were the only downstairs room, and had to wake up early most often since the two of us were both student-athletes. This usually wasn’t a big deal, except for when our roommates would throw racause parties on every single night of the week, unfortunately, the heating and thermostat were a large source of tension! For whatever reason, when the HVAC unit would be turned on for either heating or cooling, the pipes in the ceiling of our room would drip droplets of water in the night. Creating an almost silent sound of dripping water, that you would be sure you weren’t hearing until the heat or air condition was turned off. A battle ensued, of heating being turned on and off during the winter, and the air conditioner being passive aggressively turned off and on during the summer season. No one was sleeping, and everyone was always enjoying our only HVAC unit almost obsessively every single night. Finally I broke down and called a home meeting. I recommended we all call an heating and a/c professional to come take a look, and see if there was anything he could do to help our current situation. He went in and listened to our pipes when our heating and cooling unit was on, and then said we needed to update our entire piping system, but our landlord declined to email us back, so we had to tough it out, but luckily, we all grew much more civil with one another.


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