The work loads were huge

I recently had took a temp job with a local heating and air conditioning company. I am a certified heat and a/c specialist and my recent steady job I had at another heating and cooling company ended because they went out of business. I got a temp job to keep float till I could find something else. This heat and a/c company needed HVAC workers for 2 months. And let me tell you i’m surprised that’s all they needed! The work loads were huge and very busy! I had never worked so hard in the heating and air conditioning business in my entire life before this. It was wall to wall repairings of central heat and cooling units from residential HVAC systems to commercial heating and air conditioning systems at businesses. There was never a moment to breathe other than to eat lunch. At the old heating and cooling company I worked for we would sometimes have an hour or so off before each job. Not here. This was going from one heat and a/c repair job to the next non stop! I could barely keep up to tell you the truth. So when I got a job as a regular employee at yet another heat and a/c company I was very happy to be able to leave this temp job a month early. I do not think I would have been able to handle it much longer to be honest! I was happy to have it for the month though so I could keep income coming in. For that I am grateful.


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