My girlfriend’s new home

My girlfriend just bought a new home and it is wonderful! She makes really good money at her career so was able to afford something this upscale.

My girl even has a smart heating and air conditioning system that came with a smart thermostat.

This was something that really blew my mind. I had seen and actually used smart thermostats, they are becoming common today. But a smart central heating and air conditioning system? This was some futuristic high tech stuff I never had even heard of or seen before! And let me tell you it is amazing. It even has something called smart air vents. These are air vents that adjust themselves based on the room temperature. If the temperatures are uneven, then what happens is the air vents will automatically redirect themselves and make the air blow to accommodate the space that has lesser air flow. It could be heating or air conditioning it does not matter. It is kind of like the concept of what HVAC zone control does, but with HVAC zone control (also known as a zoned heating and air conditioning system), you have several thermostats in each room to control the temperatures. But with the smart heating and cooling system’s smart air vents, they just direct themselves in every single room. It is really awesome! If me and my girlfriend end up getting married someday, this will become my home and be my smart heating and air conditioning system as well. That would be totally awesome.


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