I was forced to install a furnace

I was forced to install a furnace. I didn’t think that I would have to get a new furnace, but the HVAC company that I worked with basically forced me to get a new furnace installed. I had no idea that it would be such an expensive ordeal when I started out. I was simply having issues with my furnace keeping up with the cold winter weather, so I called an HVAC company, and they said that they would come and service my furnace. I was thrilled when the first HVAC technician came and checked out my furnace. He said that it was nothing big and that my furnace would work just fine from then on. It hardly cost me any money, and I was so excited about it. Sadly, I started having trouble with my furnace again just like three days later. It was really annoying, so I called the same HVAC company and asked them if they would come back out and try to fix my furnace again. This time, the HVAC technician told me that I needed a whole new furnace. I was so confused, so I started asking questions because the last technician told me that my furnace was in pretty good shape. The second HVAC technician on the other hand told me that I had no choice but to get a new furnace. It cost me thousands of dollars, and I am so upset. I had a friend check out my old furnace after the whole ordeal, and he said that I certainly did not need a new furnace.


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