Hotel Room Air Conditioning Debacles

While visiting a grungy gablimng city in the middle of the country, which was complete with a hot, desert-like climate, I had a very terrible air conditioning experience. My hotel room was in one of those casinos that somehow seemed to trap the smell of stale cigarettes into every office, living and dead. When I got in that night, I hoped my room would be different, but it stank of cigarettes which I was incredibly dismayed to discover. I waited to see if turning on the air conditioning would help circulate some stale air in my room but it in fact made matters worse. The smell of cigarettes seemed to be coming directly from the HVAC unit under the window of my room. I waited patiently to see if anything would change in terms of the quality and smell of the HVAC unit in my room, but it continued to grow worse and worse. And in fact, the heating began to kick on, until pretty soon the room was hotter than hell. THis seemed to increase the cigarette smell astronomically, until finally I couldn’t take it anymore, and ran from the room and that terrivel HVAC unit. I ran straight to the front desk and told the receptionist what exactly was going on in my room with my HVAC unit, and politely asked for a different room. The receptionist sent me back upstairs to a room on the penthouse floor, and said an HVAC technician would meet me there to ensure the HVAC unit was working properly, which it was. I am glad it worked out but will never stay at that property agan.

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