I want to smash the printer, like in Office Space

My favorite scene in any movie that has ever been made is in Office Space.

It’s a very funny movie, with a lot of laughs, but one scene in particular makes my heart sing.

It is when the guys from the office take the problematic printer out into a field and beat it to pieces. The music is blaring, and they vent their rage against the machine with hammers and clubs. This is something I wish I can do, but life isn’t a movie and I would just get fired. I keep pushing the bosses to start using professional printing services, but they keep saying we need to keep it “in house.” I have actually gone to pawn shops looking for used equipment, just to be able to have a printer to take to the woods and smash with a sledge hammer. A new printer costs a pretty penny, but some of the used ones are available for twenty bucks, so I think I can afford to make my cinematic dream a reality. At the local flea market there is a place that has a ton of used equipment, everything from classic Xerox machines to modern day laminators. For a hundred bucks I could buy enough used equipment to smash until my arms were tired. Then I have to think about if it would be worth it? A hundred bucks is still a lot of money, and this isn’t even the printing equipment that has given me such trouble at the office. Perhaps I will just keep pushing the bosses to switch to printing services.



New printer

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